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make your website sticky

Sticky websites : Three easy steps to make your website worth visiting

In web marketing the term ‘sticky’ refers to the concept that your website once visited is engaging, hard to leave, and that visitors will return to it. In other words, your visitor sees something that makes them want to stick around and find out more.

How great is it to land on a well designed page that’s rich with content and that jumps out at you? On the contrary, sites with a poor interface make you feel like you’re wasting your time.

Why is having a sticky website so important?

It enhances your site by making it more useful, attractive and rewarding to the user.

An engaging website means visitors spend more time on your website, they’re more likely to share it with others, it builds a good relationship and most importantly it’s more likely to convert those visitors into loyal customers. Capturing the attention of visitors to your site is something that requires a bit of skill, but here are three easy techniques that can make your website sticky.

How to make your website sticky

1. Compelling headlines

Getting your message across quickly is an important consideration when writing copy. Often the first thing visitors will see is the headline of the page so make this punchy and attention grabbing. Talk about benefits ie what’s in it for them, and use your keywords! Headlines are one of the main things that Google ‘reads’ to determine what your site is all about, so relevant and concise copy is vital.

Need some inspiration? Have a look at websites you like to read, see what kinds of headlines stand out to you. Then check out this article at the Blog Marketing Academy, 58+ Headline Formulas: The Ultimate Non-Copywriter’s Guide To Writing Headlines That Get The Clicks, for some ideas. See black book for ideas

2. Good content

Good content will … Visitors tend to skim read so keep it short and to the point. Most visitors will have a quick read of the first paragraph and then do a quick skim through the sub headers and/or bullet points. If your visitors can’t quickly get to the information they want, they will go elsewhere for it.

Be sure to provide information in an easy to read way and you’ll be rewarded by visitors browsing more of your site and engaging with your business. Use headings and subheadings to break down long text areas into manageable sections. This also makes it easier for the search engines to establish what your page is about. Be entertaining – a bit of humour goes a long way.

By using a good clean layout and an intuitive hierarchy of information your visitors can quickly scan the page and find the essential pieces of information they need.

3. Appealing and relevant graphics

Pictures help grab your visitor’s attention. A picture is usually far more interesting than screeds of copy. Great images that are relevant to your offering will complement your brand and grab your viewers interest. Professionally taken photos are best but if you don’t have these then stock images are the next best, budget friendly option. Try to avoid low quality, amateur images as this can reflect poorly on your brand.

So, to sum up, a balance of great copy, compelling headlines and interesting visuals is going to keep your website visitors happy. By being interesting, accessible and appealing your website visitors are sure to stick around and do business with you.

Consider some of these tips and try implementing them to see how they can positively affect your business! Get in touch today it you’d like to find out more about making your website more ‘sticky’ and attractive to your visitors.