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5 Expert Online Marketing Tips to Boost your Small Business Website

The number one reason websites today are not working is because people are not building them with business results in mind.

Having a website is not enough any more. You can’t just have a website and expect the sales/leads to come rolling in. You have to market it. 

But where do you start? It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re told to “just start blogging” or “get a Facebook page” or “start tweeting”. Should you do it all or just one or two. Which ones? And how do you know what’s right for your business?

Follow these five marketing tips to help you identify what your website needs to shift it into gear. Your business is sure to benefit.

Be strategic

This is your starting point. The foundation. Without the ground work you’re setting yourself up for failure. Ask yourself – what’s my goal? What am I trying to achieve with my website?

Do the research. Talk to or survey your ideal clients. Think about who you’re targeting and find out what they really want. The first rule of marketing is knowing exactly who your target market is and where they hangout. When you know this you can tailor your marketing more accurately and you’ll then see better results.

Sounds simple enough right? But it’s often the step that’s overlooked in the excitement of building a shiny new website. You wouldn’t build a structurally sound house without a plan. The same goes when you want to build a website that adds value.

Make sure your website is kickass

Yes, this is really important. Your website does need to look and sound professional.

Start with keyword research. Check out Google Keyword Planner or Wordtracker to get started.

Once you’ve compiled a list develop your site structure based on your keywords and make sure to include them throughout your content in all the right places.

Getting your content professionally written is gold and something I recommend to all clients if you want a site that speaks to your audience and converts them into customers. If you do choose do create your own content it must be engaging and compelling. It needs to convey your value and most importantly – solve your audiences problems. Change your mindset from selling to problem solving.

Get Quality Traffic

Remember the days of if you build it they will come? Well, those halcyon days are long gone. Reality has flipped 180. There are now billions of websites out there and you need to put in a lot of effort to be found. And, on top of that it’s no longer just about getting found. You need the right kind of traffic to find your site.

Here’s a few of the top ways to generate qualified traffic:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Follow the recommendations for best SEO practice and you’re halfway there. But remember it won’t happen over night, it takes time and tenacity to to get to the top of Google organically especially if you’re in a competitive industry.

Pay per Click Advertising – Google and Facebook ads are both effective traffic sources.

Hangout where your audience hangs out – Post and publish on popular sites that your audience frequents, facebook, pinterest, twitter, youtube. See more about using social media for business here.

Email Marketing – Stay in touch with existing and potential customers on a regular basis or advertise in other business communications that are related to your target audience.

Blogging – Blogs can be great traffic generators. Regular blogging about your industry or profession can have huge rewards if done properly. It also signals to google that you publish regular content so your site will get “spidered” more.

Market to your list

If you’ve got a list of your customers and prospects emails why not use it and grow it. Market to your leads and your existing and past customers. It’s so much easier and cost effective to market to people who have already purchased from or know you and it establishes loyalty.

If you’ve done a good job taking care of your customers in the past they are going to be much more willing to do business with you again. And because the relationship is already in place, far less selling is required.

Test and measure

The second rule of marketing is test and measure. Remember those goals you thought about back at Tip #1? Well, now its time to see how you’re going. Use Google Analytics to review your site stats regularly. Look at what keywords are working for you to get organic traffic and expand on this.

Fundamentally, you need to find out what works and do more of it. Simple right?

So remember, your strategy is key and marketing directly to your ideal client is essential for getting great results. Follow the above tips and your website will see more leads, sales and customers. If you need help with identifying what your business website needs call me and I can help or check out the free ebook “Stagnant to Successful: 7 Steps to Turn Your Website Into a Sales Machine“.