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Sticky websites : Three easy steps to make your website worth visiting

In web marketing the term ‘sticky’ refers to the concept that your website once visited is engaging, hard to leave, and that visitors will return to it. In other words, your visitor sees something that makes them want to stick around and find out more.

How great is it to land on a well designed page that’s rich with content and that jumps out at you? On the contrary, sites with a poor interface make you feel like you’re wasting your time. (more…)

Why your business needs a mobile friendly website

These days mobile devices are a staple of everyday life. The incorporation of smartphones and tablets into our daily routines has caused significant changes to the way we browse the Internet.

More and more people are surfing via smartphone or tablet and are online while on the go. Today around 60% of web traffic is mobile based. So let’s take a closer look at mobile-friendliness and the reasons why you can’t ignore it. (more…)